'Oh So Pure' Leather Balm and Conditioner 225gm (8oz.)

  • Moisturises and Nourishes: Our Beeswax and Lanolin  Leather Balm is made from pure British Beeswax, by a single producer, who has her own private hives in Yorkshire.
    It is hand-made from 100% natural ingredients and will condition your leather, making it soft and supple. The beeswax also helps to protect it in wet weather.
  • Revives old, dry and cracked leather.
  • 100% Natural, sustainable, biodegradeable ingredients There are no chemicals, perfumes, preservatives or 'Filler' ingredients.
  • It is so pure that it works very well as a Hand Cream, protecting your hands during those cold, wet winter days on the yard. I use it myself and my hands have never felt so good!
  • A LITTLE goes a very long way. Only apply what can be absorbed in 10 minutes
  • Do NOT use on Suede or Nubuck leather.


My poor old Dubary boots - before and after a single application of 'Oh So Pure.





Which hand have I used it on?

After only 1 day using this Balm on one hand. Which hand? Quite a difference!