Anatomical Headcollars

Anatomical Leather Headcollars

These Leather headcollars have the same curve as our Saturn bridle headpiece.

They have a double buckle headpiece, adjustable throatlash with a clip for easy removal on the near side.

The rear ring is the Traditional design, where it is sewn-in ro the rear straps - not a 'Free Ring' that gets caught on buckles, straps, etc.

Soft Padded Headpiece and Noseband.

Top Quality Fittings which will not rust.

Available in Black or Brown, X-Full, Full, Cob and Pony.

£39.60 inc. VAT

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If you have bought one of our Anatomical Headpiece bridles, it makes sense to match the headpiece on the headcollar.
If a horse is travelling for any length of time, the ears can already be irritated by a badly fitting headpiece before you arrive.