These Leather headcollars have the same curves as our Scorpio or Saturn bridle headpieces.

They have a double buckle headpiece, adjustable throatlash with a clip for easy removal on the near side.

The rear ring is the Traditional design, where it is sewn-in ro the rear straps - not a 'Free Ring' that gets caught on buckles, straps, etc.

Soft Padded Headpiece and Noseband.

Top Quality Fittings which will not rust.

Available in Black or Brown, X-Full, Full, Cob and Pony.

£86.40 inc. VAT

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Brass, easy to fit engraved name plates can be obtained here:


If you have bought one of our Anatomical Headpiece bridles, it makes sense to match the headpiece on the headcollar.
If a horse is travelling for any length of time, the ears can already be irritated by a badly fitting headpiece before you arrive.

The headpiece and Body of the headcollar are bought seperately, so that you can get the perfect fit in the sizes you need.
The Throatlash has a clip on each end, to make grooming and clipping the head easy.

Top quality leather and fittings.

Headpiece is available in both Saturn and Scorpio styles.