These bits are not Horseproblems Australia (HP) Bits.

Eclipse Lip Relief

Eclipse Eggbutt

Eclipse Lip Relief

Eclipse Lip Relief

Eclipse Loose Ring

Eclipse Loose Ring

Eclipse Hanging Cheek

Eclipse Hanging Cheek

Eclipse D Ring

Eclipse D Ring

Eclipse Pelham bit

Eclipse Pelham

French Link Myth

.Damage that is done by French Link

It is usually the tongue which is affected by the pressure of the Central Plate.

In the photo showing the French Link bit in the horse's mouth, you can clearly see that the plate does not lie flat on the tongue, once a contact is taken. In fact, the narrow edge then lies against the tongue, causing extreme pressure. The x-ray image shows this.

This causes the horse to evade by opening his mouth to take the 'Arms' away from the tongue pressure - so the rider adds a flash or grackle to keep his mouth shut and make him 'accept' the bit!

Imagine if that was in your mouth - no wonder the poor horse won't relax his jaw and stretch down for the bit!

The ECLIPSE is anatomically designed for both comfort and communication and it helps to develop a true contact and higher level of responsiveness. 

Ergonomically designed, curved cannons and lozenged, these bits are only 12mm. in diameter, (the same as the NS Verbindend) and much thinner than the NS Tranz Angled Lozenge bits.

They are curved to gently wrap the tongue and lay underneath the upper palate, giving very even and gentle pressure distribution.

The ECLIPSE Bits are ideal horses with thick tongues and low palates - like many of the Cobs and heavy horses today, who simply don't have room in their mouths for any bit wider than 12mm. Unfortunately, nearly all bits start at 14mm. diameter, including the most expensive brands and are too thick for them.

This creates fussy mouths and tongue evasions.

ECLIPSE bits promote a softer more consistent contact, encouraging the horse to soften through the jaw relaxing and lengthening the neck.

You don't have to spend a fortune to buy a bit that 'works'.

ECLIPSE mouthpieces are Dressage Legal. You will not believe the difference that these bits make to your horse's response to the rein aids - even if you currently ride a lozenge, as most of them have the 'Knuckles' in the HORIZONTAL plane, digging into the tongue and palate with rein tension, as they 'Twist' around.

Knuckle Angle - In the VERTICAL plane so that they lie FLAT against the tongue when a contact is taken.

French Link