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Bridle Parts, Reins

I am very sorry, but I am out of stock of many bridle parts ATM due to the Covid-19 situation which has affected us in several ways:

1. There were no bridles made during lockdown, in spite of continuing sales, so stocks in our warehouse were depleted.

2. On return to work, there were only 2 saddlers allowed to work instead of 8, due to Social Distancing Rules.

3. During this Pandemic, sales have increased by 60%, whilst supplies have decreased.

Measures have been taken to rectify the situation, which should be fully resolved by the end of September, when all parts of all bridles will be available again, so if you could delay your order, I would be very grateful, as the extra admin required for orders that are out of stock will mean even further delays.

I am very sorry about this, but Covid-19 has given many industries a lot of problems.

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