Horse Bits - HP RELIEF Bits

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HP Bits in sizes from SHETLAND to SHIRE

Sizes from 4" to 7" are standard stock sizes.

Only 10mm or 12mm. diameter for thick tongues and flater palates, to give room.

BD Legal, (except for specific BD Young Horse Classes, where the minimum mouthpiece diameter must be 14mm)

Small rings for ponies on the smaller bit sizes - down to 2" Diameter.

Available to try via Association of Professional Bit and Bridle Fitters throughout the UK.

Due to the Anatomical design of these bits, you will probably need a size 1/2" smaller than your normal bit.

Please measure your horse's mouth before ordering, as we will send a smaller replacement, but will not give a refund if the bit is marked in any way, so do not ride in it.

bits from shetland to shire

 HP Mouthpiece Barrel Bits - All prices are plus VAT.

HP Relief snaffle loose ring

HP Loose Ring Snaffle

D ring Relief wilkie Beval snaffle

HP Beval Snaffle

HP Relief egg butt snaffle

HP Eggbut Snaffle

HP Relief three ring bit

HP 3 Ring Snaffle

HP Relief pelham bits

HP Pelham

HP Relief rugby pelham bit

HP Rugby Pelham

HP Relief full cheek barrel snaffle

HP Full Cheek Snaffle

 spoon cheek HP Relief fulmer barrel snaffle

HP Spoon Cheek Fulmer Snaffle

 Lip Relief HP Loose Ring Barrel 002


Hanging Cheek HP Relief Barrel Bit

 HP Hanging Cheek Snaffle

New D Ring

HP D Ring 

 Universal Sides 001 (2) (2)

HP Universal

About HP Relief Mouthpiece Barrel Bits

These bits take away the 'Nutcracker' action of the single jointed bit and replace it with a much kinder action. The pressure is evenly spread across the bars loose ring bitand the tongue as the bit folds around the mouth.

The rings are smaller than those of other bits to prevent them from rubbing the outside of the face and making it sore.

The mouthpiece has also been re-designed with more curve, to give a better shape to fit the horse's mouth properly, reducing the bar pressure even further and preventing bit 'Slide'.

The mouthpiece has the optimum 10mm. diameter - narrower than a Myler - to ensure the horse's tongue and palate are not impinged by the bit and that the horse can seal his mouth and swallow. Try it yourself - it is very difficult to swallow unless your lips form a seal on your mouth. Wide bits prevent this..

There are no 'Slots' on these bits. They have the option of a Beval'' design which does not rub on the horse's face the way that 'lumpy' slots can.

The Lip Relief bits have all the benefits of a loose ring action, but totally prevent the trapping and pinching of the lips.