Horse Saddlery and Training Accessories

Accessories for the Horse

All our accessories are made from the same, top quality leather as our saddles and bridleware.

snaffle bit keeper

Bit Stabilising Strap

monkey grip strap

Monkey Grip Handle

HP Relief Non-Slip saddle pad

HP Relief Non-Slip Saddle Pad

hp saddle bags

Saddle Bags

crupper for saddle

Crupper for Saddle

roller crupper

Roller Crupper

back cinch

Rear or Back Cinch

english to western girth convertor

English to Western Girth Convertor


Fleece Brushing Boots

Fleece Brushing Boots

stirrup irons

Stirrup Irons

 non slip neoprene stock saddle girth

Western Non-Slip Neoprene Padded Girth

 stockmans monkey grip strap

Stockman's Monkey Grip Strap

Curved Anatomical Humane Dressage girth

Anatomical Curved Leather Humane Girth

Ring for price - Approx. £85

wider buckle girth

Anatomical Leather Dressage Girth.

Can be made with Wider Buckles for Treeless and Stock Saddles

Ring for price - approx £85

 Wester to English Girth Converter

Western to English Girth Convertor