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Where the horse trainers shop. We cater from Shetland pony to Shire horse sizes - the World's BEST Australian training equipment that should last a lifetime.

We aim to bring a new era to quality and choice in saddlery and horse training equipment. In addition to our standard product ranges, we also make Custom Saddlery and Designs for YOU. You design a piece of equipment and we make it - any size and at a very affordable price.

Bespoke Australian stock saddles made to YOUR design - be UNIQUE!

Bespoke bridles made to FIT. You take the measurements and we make the tack. Please contact me with your ideas and requirements.

HP Relief Bits, from 4" to 7" - improved design for more comfort and no rubbing.

Bespoke training equipment - you have an idea and we will have it made up for you.

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HP Aussie Stock Saddle

HP Stock Saddles

Lip Relief HP Loose Ring Barrel 002



Anatomical Bridles, Reins

English Hunting Breastplate

Martingales, Breastplates

leather training roller

Training Aids

hp saddle bags





Buck Stopper


Western Saddlery and accessories


Western to Engish Girth Convertors

Bridles, Reins, Martingales

Accessories - whips, bags, etc Anti-Bucking Collar

Western Saddlery Accessories

In the old days, any local saddler could make whatever you wanted, in QUALITY leather, with QUALITY thread, but those days are gone. Now you are stuck with what is on the market, often poorly manufactured in other countries by people who have never sat on a horse - bridles where the Cheekpiece is too big and the browband too small, inferior leather, poor stitching, etc. NOT ANY MORE!

Horsemanship Saddlery