Saddle Design Options

Australian Stock Saddle

Saddle Design

You can design the saddle exactly how you want it.

The skirt can be Short, medium, or English, as in the photo.

The rear can be full, divided (as in the photo), round or Western square style.

The seat can be full (as in the photo) or half.

The rear cinch hangers can be attached through the leather panels or metal hangers instead.

You can have tooling, how and where you want it, or no tooling at all (apart from the HP logo)

The sky is the limit at no extra cost.

Australian Stock Saddle swinging fender

Saddle Materials

You can not only choose the colour of your saddle, but can choose the colour and material for every PART of your saddle. The saddle in this photo has a suede, dark tan full seat, Vintage brown leather and dark tan suede English skirt, vintage brown leather rear cinch and fenders and Chestnut smooth leather poleys. It also has a custom tooled Hummingbird on the Western influenced square back.

All aspects of your saddle design are in your hands.

Half breed australian stock saddle

Saddle Tooling

You can choose to have your saddle tooled, or not.

If you choose tooling, you can have flower, as in the photo, basketweave, feathers, etc. and you can also choose WHERE on the saddle you want that tooling.

This customer chose to have it on the rear part of the skirt, on the rear panels, the rear cinch and the bottom of the fenders, but you can have it only only one or two parts if you prefer.

Please email me on [email protected] for the full Saddle Options Chartwhich shows, in detail, all the options you have when it comes to designing your own saddle. 

The chart is easy to fill in with your choices.