Horse Training DVD's

Horse Training DVD's by John O'Leary

This is an attempt to teach REAL old fashioned Horsemanship, about subjects that are rarely ever taught within the Official BHS Equestrian Education System.

The subjects covered on these DVD's are the important ones, the ones that should be taught by ALL Equestrian Establishments - but are not.

These DVD's are aimed to help those horse owners and riders who stumble around looking for help with behavioural and training problems but don't know where to get it.

They also include DVD's on Mouthing and Re-Mouthing the hard mouthed horse, the ex-racer and DVD's on how to spot Veterinary issues that are never picked up on Even 5* Vettings. 

All the DVD's feature real horses with real issues and you will see them all improve before your eyes in real time. There is no 'Cut and Paste'. 

Dressage Training DVD's by Linda O'Leary

Linda O'Leary is a top Australian Grand Prix dressage rider who has a very understandable and simple coaching style.

Her DVD's take you through all the difficult and most confusing subjects, guiding you through movements in a way that is easy to understand and translate to your own training and riding.

Linda specialises in training young green or problem horses, and that's what you'll see on the DVD's, genuine horses in real training situations. You see them improve before your eyes.

No schoolmaster horses going through the motions here, these are real horses that are at the centre for training or retraining.

You'll get a first-hand look at how Linda solves problems and confusion as it arises.

The DVD range is suitable for all riders from novice to advanced who want to improve their riding.

They are real lessons from a first class coach - refer to them forever.