Horse Bit Fit


Correct bridle and bit fit is as important as correct saddle fit - but it is a factor which is overlooked by the vast majority of riders.

HORSE BIT FIT covers the UK with a team of specialist consultants who carry out a full bridle and bit fit consultation for less than the cost of a bit. Please contact us for details.

Whether you ride professionally, or are a Happy Hacker, your horse's comfort is the key to a happy horse - and a happy horse is a willing partner.

They also carry our bits for you to try.

Horse Bit Fit clients - please use the Code BFC when ordering.  

Horse Bit Fit 2

Incorrectly fitted bits and bits that don't suit the horse's mouth conformation cause the following problems:

  • Sores on the tongue and on the bars
  • Ulcers in the mouth
  • Rubs and splits in the corners of the lips
  • Pressure points in the mouth
  • Behavioural problems when ridden - napping, rearing, above the bit, behind the bit, fly-bucking, bolting, refusal to go forwards - the list is endless.

Facial nerves on the horse

No two horses are the same. They all have different mouth and tongue conformation and slightly different facial nerve points.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to get any bitting or bridle advice from anyone without a full, in-person assessment and consultation for your particular horse.

Contact HORSE BIT FIT to arrange an appointment. You can also try the bits and bridles that are recommended whilst the consultant is present, enabling tweaks and fine adjustments to be made by a Professional.

Riding a horse is not a right, it is a privilege and your horse deserves to be as comfortable as possible.