O'Leary Buck Stopper


Hp O'Leary Buck Stopper

Do you have a suspect horse?

Thinking about Your Life, Your Health, Your Mortgage

  • or Possibly the Wheel Chair?

Then please consider the "O'Leary Buck Stopper"

No Pain for the Horse, no Skin off Gums, no cruelty, just safety outcomes!!!

For 'Green Horses' - Suspect Horses - Girthy Horses....to see You through. 

Please rule out all Veterinary and Saddle issues FIRST!!

There are all sorts of Buck Stopping systems on the Planet, MOST CRUEL and especially the thin rope above the top Teeth!! We have been experimenting with this for Years and looking for a comfortable and kind option. We have successfully trialled this and believe anyone with a ‘Suspect, Girthy, Problem or Green Horse should own one.

This goes on the Horse with the straps and Buckles to the near side and with the adjustment straps pointing downwards from over the top of the neck It fits behind the jaw. 

The square Leather part goes directly under the Throat. The Buckles therefore will sit half way up the near side of the Neck. Adjust it up pretty flush. 
Don’t have it loose at all!!! 
When you lunge the Horse prior to Mounting, it should have its Head higher. 
After Your Purchase, Your email address will be injected into this Video on Youtube 
I need Your YOUTUBE LOG IN EMAIL ADDRESS https://youtu.be/5TvYnCTgUJk and you will be advised how to access it.
 However, REMEMBER, the Horseproblems Mouthing and Re-Mouthing systems are the only ones on the Planet that allows you to stop Horses Bucking whilst Mounted. 
Watch this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zLLSSYzPLk
Prevention could save the Career of the Horse and the Life of the Owner!!